Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hank Crawford - Mr. Blues; on Atlantic Records

This is Hank Crawford - Mr. Blues.  His full name is Bennie Ross "Hank" Crawford, Jr. (Born 1934 – 2009), he was an influential American R&B, hard bop, jazz-funk, soul jazz alto saxophonist, arranger, and songwriter.  Hand Crawford was musical director for Ray Charles, before he embarked on a solo career, during which time he released many well-regarded albums for jazz record labels CTI Records and then on to Milestone Records.  This is a mono recording, as we can see from that classic Atlantic logo in powder blue - Mono 1470, to be exact.  On the inside cover, I read this nugget: Recording Engineers: Tom Dowd & Phil Iehle.  Supervision: Nesuhi Ertegun and Arif Mardin.  Hank played on Eric Clapton's Journeyman in 1989.  I wish the liner notes noted which studio this record was made in.  Since it was Dowd and Nesuhi, in 1967 - likely it was at their second one, located at 1841 Broadway, at 60th Street.

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