Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Morning Flashback - a new weekly feature (1975) ELO - Face the Music

Our "fine rock" FM radio station here in Chicago is 93.1 WXRT.  They have a long-running show called Saturday Morning Flashback.   On Saturday mornings, they play only songs from a pre-determined year, from 8 am to 12 noon.  You can listen via live streaming here:  When I run my errands, it's what I listen to in the car.  The on air talent also submit retro movie reviews from what was out that year, and a bit called Rock and Roll Obituaries.  So for a while here - I will post an album on Saturday mornings to coincide with the year XRT is featuring that Saturday.  The superb host of the show is Wendy Rice.  Today is 1975 - right up my alley.  When they pick a year after vinyl was phased out - this won't work.  OK, above is ELO's Face the Music from 1975.  Wendy will be playing Night Rider from it.  But this album also has some major-league great songs, like Fire on High, Evil Woman, and Strange Magic.  Thanks!

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  1. OK, now flash back to 1975 and if we had ipods, then ELO would have been on most ipods plugging into RB teens' ears. What is the situation today? Many have the latest female star (Adele, GaGa, etc.) or some kinda hip hop with a few doing indie rock? If an accurate picture, then quite a fundamental teen change over the years?


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