Monday, April 30, 2012

Little River Band - ever had a Diamantina Cocktail?

Little River Band...the Australian Air Supply meets Pablo Cruise?  Or Firefall-ish and Toto-esque?  Those are cheap and lazy comparisons, I know, that might be too harsh.  But I think many readers here may have liked (and played) perhaps some of their songs.  This blogger confesses to having really liked Lonesome Loser when it came out, and still does:

An even better clip is here:

This is Diamantina Cocktail, their third album.   I read that a "diamantina cocktail" is a drink invented in the area of the Diamantina River in Queensland, Australia.  It consists of Bundaberg Rum, condensed milk and an emu's egg.   You will know the song on this record - Help is on its Way.   The U.S. version of the album was actually a partial compilation of the Australian versions of After Hours and Diamantina Cocktail.  In the 1980's, Capitol Records released the remaining tracks on a U.S. version of After Hours.  The album was the band's breakthrough in the United States, reaching #49 on the Billboard Top LPs & Tapes chart in 1977 and containing two top 20 singles in "Help Is on Its Way" and "Happy Anniversary."

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