Sunday, April 29, 2012

John Sebastian - a Son of Woodstock

I just about feinted. I snagged this gem last year for .49 cents.  If you are old enough to remember Woodstock - then John Sebastian is the prodigal son thereof.  This cover photo was selected by Woodstock creator Michael Lang to grace the front cover of his fine book.  On the right side - you can see the list of The Players.  They are: Dallas Taylor, Stephen Stills, The Ikettes, Reinol Isaac Andino, Danny Weiss, Gayle Levant, Buddy Emmons, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Beutens & friends, David Crosby, Bruce Langhorne, Buzz Linhart and Graham Nash.  Some names we know - some we don't.  You might also know John from the band he was in and fronted - the Lovin' Spoonful.  They are in the RNRHOF.  John Sebastian came on at Woodstock, on the 2nd day, Saturday, at about 3:30 pm, when the weather seemed OK, in the unenviable spot right after Carlo Santana.  John's 5-song set was filmed and has been described at mellow and playful.  Before his one-song encore, John allegedly commented, "Just love everybody all around ya, and clean up a little garbage on your way out and everything's gonna be alright."  This is a great interview:


  1. Say, that's a great interview with JS -- thanks for putting on the link. I remember from the Woodstock movie JS heavy on the "groovy"-type lingo, now we know the whole story of how he got there! Hey -- it's "fainted" not "feinted"!

  2. Saw John B himself at a solo concert at Syracuse Univ in the early 70s. 100% requests from the audience, and he was awesome!


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