Saturday, April 28, 2012

Phil Collins - Face Value...

Phil Collins - Face Value.  This is too dense an album to review.  I have a feeling this could have been a double studio album, what with the sheer depth of material Phil was culling.  One of the finest BEATLES cover songs ever - Tomorrow Never Knows.  And a cover version of a song from his main band Genesis - Behind the Lines.  Phil asks Eric Clapton to sit on on two ballads - The Rook is Leaking and If Leaving Me is Easy.  And the fine vocalist Stephen Bishop.  Apparently - Phil needed to temporarily break away from his band during his break-up and this album was the result.  I read in the superb book, The Last Sultan - about Ahmet Ertegun - that Genesis, signed to the Atlantic label, Ahmet himself encouraged Phil to create this - his epic outlet solo record.  Phil did have a sting of other solos that were decent enough, but nothing like this one.  Even if it did not have In the Air Tonight - it would still be among the finest "solo" (yet, I have NOT leave mu other band) record.  Two others that come to mind are Mick Jagger's She's the Boss and most of Pete Townshend's solo efforts.

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