Friday, April 27, 2012

Skin Tight - Marty Gold, freaky Friday...

Marty Gold - Skin Tight.  I found an interesting review of this record.  Click on the title of this post to read that.  In the mean time - what a great cover!  Here is what is available on line about Mary Gold.   Martin Gold (December 26, 1915 – January 14, 2011) was a composer, pianist, and bandleader born in New York City, New York.  He was the pianist and arranger for the Korn Kobblers, a popular 1940s novelty group billed as "America's most nonsensical dance band", but was probably best known as the composer of the song "Tell Me Why", which was a hit for The Four Aces in 1951.  Mr. Gold passed away on January 14, 2011, in Agoura Hills, California, at the age of 95.

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