Friday, May 4, 2012

Thomas Dolby - Blinded by Science, Mini LP/5 Songs

Thomas Dolby.  This is a 5-song mini LP.  Could be rare - not likely. The original and full LP was originally released in the UK and US that included the songs "Europa and the Pirate Twins", "Airwaves", and "Radio Silence," - however - from what I just read on wiki - "the first releases of Dolby's first solo album, The Golden Age of Wireless (Harvest, 1982) did not include the album's signature hit, "She Blinded Me With Science."  After this album - photo above - the five-song EP titled "Blinded By Science" introduced that catchy single, the lp "The Golden Age Of Wireless,"  was subsequently re-released with the single that, combined with its accompanying video, became Dolby's most commercially successful single, reaching #5 on The Billboard Hot 100.  The album was released a total of five times, each with changes in song order and included songs, or even including a different version of "Radio Silence" or an extended remix of "She Blinded Me With Science."  Dolby's debut album, Wireless peaked at #13 on the Billboard Album Chart.  It juxtaposed themes of radio technology, aircraft, and naval submarines with those of relationships and nostalgia.  While much of the album's instrumentation is synthesizers and samplers, the album credits a long list of guest musicians as well, with instruments ranging from harmonica and violin to guitar and percussion."

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