Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup: Guest Post by John B.

The Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup.  Their follow-up to the the matchless Exile on Main Street. A daunting challenge, but they're the Stones after all.  So here is a weekend Guest Post by a true blue musicologist, my good good pal John B.  He is the biggest Dylan fan I know.  But as you will read - he knows his stuff.  I invited John to write this because over on his very active Facebook wall, he just happened to post a video of Winter, off this record, - which I was not familiar with, so I knew he was the right guy for this assignment.  Thanks John!

    The Rolling Stones followed up the frantic, (recorded in a few weeks under the influence of a pharmacy and liquor store) Exile on Main Street with a record that was recorded in many locations starting with Jamaica. The first song they recorded just happens to be one of the greatest tracks of all time that seems to have been missed by most listeners. "Winter" a brilliant song on all levels including Jagger's great vocal " let me wrap my coat around you," he pleads.  Goats Heads Soup is an underrated Stones classic in the shadows of Exile on Main Street.  Angie, the #1 single and Do Do Do Heartbreaker still pound (top 20 hit) but its all the other songs that make this a great collection.  A key aspect is this is that it was Mick Taylor's last album with the Stones and in my view they were never as great again. (an outake from this session included Waiting on a Friend released on Tatoo You with the brilliant Mick T's brilliant guitar.)  Dancing with Mr. D, 100 years ago, Coming down again and more all great tracks. This album doesn't knock you down like  Exhile on Main Street but its subtle with a burning edge in each track. Jimmy Miller's last production in the golden era of the Stones. (Jimmy burnt out on drugs trying to keep up with Keith Richards which is like trying to beat Michael Jordan one on one in his prime).  This record reminds me of the Stones Between the Buttons not a masterwork but a great record with a special vibe in its own way. Remastered you can hear a great rock and roll band still caring about the songs and Mick Jagger still the ringmaster and Mick Taylor's last hurrah well worth owning."

Gosh John - with that perspective and great writing, I need to get you into regular rotation!  Thanks pal...

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