Saturday, June 16, 2012

Steppenwolf - Live, their Double Live Album - part one

Steppenwolf Live, their 1975 DLA entry.  Steppenwolf Live is primarily a collection of recordings from a single concert early in 1970 at the Santa Monica Civic Center by Steppenwolf staged in support of their 1969 album Monster.  That is a great song, and if you click on this post's title - you will be directed to the song.  Released in April, 1970 by Dunhill Records, it contains Steppenwolf's well-known hits: "Born to Be Wild", "Magic Carpet Ride" and "The Pusher", as well as most of the songs from Monster.  The song "Hey Lawdy Mama" was recorded in the studio, but edited in a manner to directly segue into "Magic Carpet Ride", thus retaining the album's "live" feel. (On original LP copies of Steppenwolf Live, "Hey Lawdy Mama" and "Magic Carpet Ride" are banded together as a single track, with a total running time of 7:13). A differently edited version of "Hey Lawdy Mama", incorporating a fade-out instead of the segue, was released as a single.

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