Sunday, June 17, 2012

Steppenwolf - Live. Their Double Live Album, part two, "barely enough material"

Steppenwolf - Live.  Continued...Here is the rarely viewed inside cover of the album - above.  "The songs, "Twisted" and "Corrina, Corrina" [click on post title for that] are also (actual?) studio versions which were eq'd and given some delay fx to match the actual live recordings and overdubbed with audience sounds at the beginning and ending of the songs. The studio songs on this album are all easy to identify in that they have a lead guitar (Larry Byrom) and a rhythm guitar (John Kay) playing at the same time as a harmonica and Kay's guitar playing through a Kustom Electronics "The Bag" talk box. It would of course be impossible for John Kay to sing and play harp or use a talk box or play rhythm and talk box licks at the same time in a live performance.  The Bag by Kustom is one of the earliest talk boxes. These devices route the guitar signal from the driver of a speaker through a plastic tube held in the player's mouth. The sound of that is picked up from a stage microphone. John Kay was one of the first professional musicians to use a talk box having done so in 1969 studio recordings.  The studio cuts were added by the record company (Dunhill) against the band's wishes to give the album enough tracks to (barely) qualify as a double album. Taping all of the actual live songs at one concert explains why the bass guitar is badly out of tune on all of the truly live recordings."

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