Thursday, June 14, 2012

Triumph - Rock and Roll Machine

Triumph - Rock and Roll Machine. In the small sub-category (or niche) I've created of Three Man Canadian Rock Bands - these guys are my champs.  A pure, true, and righteous Power Trio.  It's a rare thing - these 3 piece bands.  Starting with Cream, then ZZ Topp, etc. Who are the others?  But my pal Greg played me a song off an album many, many years ago.   The song was Hold On, and the record was Just a Game, by Triumph - 1979.  Their stuff holds up great.  They kept is simple: catchy riffs, no dark minor chord structure.  Totally positive message in all of their lyrics, combined with an overall upbeat outlook.  Today - that would not fly.  Well too freakin' bad.  This is not Christian Rock, but they play to Glass Half Full outlook crowd (of which I am President), not to the "Life Sucks, play some downer lyrics and minor inverted chords and songs about The End."

Music holds the secret, To know it can make you whole.  It's not just a game of notes, It's the sound inside your soul.  The magic of the melody, Runs through you like a stream.  The notes that play flow through your head - like a dream.

I sing this song for the common man; For the people in despair.  I bring my song into the world; And I sing it everywhere.  The simple truth lies waiting here; For everyone to share.
So hold on, and I will take you there; Hold on and I will take you there.

[Hey!]..........The daily rou-tine takes your soul: Lost without a trace.  It holds you down and turns you 'round; And puts you in your place.  Another day, another dollar; Another pretty face.  Another chance to lose yourself, In the endless race.

[chorus]  Hold on, hold on to your dreams.  Hold on, even though it seems.  Everyone around you has their little schemes.  [but] Listen to your heart and hold on to your dreams.

Can't you feel the magic? Feel it everywhere.  Can't you hear the music? There's something in the air.  There's a celebration, Deep within a song.  Celebrate this feeling, You know it can't be wrong.

(Awesome guitar solo and breakdown here).

Caught up in routine, You got to break it.  Time won't wait for us, We got to make it.  Fate gives you the chance, You've got to take it.  Take it.  Take it...(another breakdown here).

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  1. Hi Cus, Saw your Stephen Stills "Coolest Rocker" photo. Do you have "Stills Alone" LP? I have it on CD, it is his best ever. "Treetop Flyer" is the best cut. Ric Emmett will be in Kokomo next month at the corn dog festival. Come on down! Kubes


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