Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweetwater - Melon. They played at Woodstock, 43 years ago this week

With an almost religious level of reverence - I post this album, today.  Sweetwater was the 2nd act to come on stage at Woodstock, right after Richie Havens.   That was 43 years ago yesterday.  Today, August 16th is "day two."  Reports indicate they were stuck in traffic, (only those that choppered in were not) and came on stage around 6:15 pm.  The band lineup was: Nancy Nevins - vocals.  Alex Del Zoppo - piano, and harmonica and backing vocals.  Fred Herrera - bass and backing vocals.  August Burns - cello.  (a guy played a cello at Woodstock.  Who knew?  See accompanying video clip.)  Alan Malarowitz - drums.  Elpidio "Pete" Cobian - congas, percussion and backing vocals.  Albert Moore - flute, Tambourine, Cowbell, backing vocals.  Setlist was: Motherless Child, Look Out, For Pete's Sake, What's Wrong, Crystal Spider, Two Worlds, Why Oh Why, Let the Sunshine In, Oh Happy Day.  Witness accounts have recalled: Sweetwater played for about 45 minutes, There exist 32 minutes of Sweetwater recordings from the concert.  Sweetwater's performance was nothing special.  The jams in their longer songs, "What's Wrong" and "Why Oh Why", didn't help much. The multi-vocal parts are rather chaotic. The only noteworthy song is the psychedelic "My Crystal Spider" which includes some strange solo parts.  Available recordings: There are audience recordings and film outtakes and black/white video available. An official Sweetwater compilation contains the song "What's Wrong."

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