Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rare Earth - One World...

This is Exhibit A of why I collect vinyl records.  What a classic album cover design.  This album cover, as shown unfolded, sends out multiple messages:  we are more than a band.  We are are one with the earth.  We are part of the universe.  We are cool.  You should own this record.   As for side one of this record - it starts with a cover version of Ray Charles' What I'd Say, that is totally reworked and sounds nothing like Ray's version.  Side two closes with I Just Want to Celebrate.  So now we know that One World is the fourth studio album by rock band Rare Earth and was released in June 1971. "I Just Want to Celebrate" became a Top 10 Gold certified hit, and the album would become the third (and final) Gold album from the ensemble.

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