Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Steppenwolf - first album: German Import, on RCA Victor

I saw a version of this record is being offered for sale on for $48.57.  And it's a version on RCA Victor - like the one I own.  The Dunhill label versions go for about .99 cents.  This is Steppenwolf's first album.  I think this is the German Import version of it.  The front cover is in color, the back - black and white.  Eponymously named, Steppenwolf is the first album created by Steppenwolf, it was released in January 1968 on the ABC Dunhill Records label.  The album can be viewed as a successful debut for the band.  It featured the songs "Born to Be Wild," as well as "The Pusher," both of which were used in the 1969 movie Easy Rider.  "Berry Rides Again" is a song tribute to guitarist Chuck Berry.  The spelling of track #4 on the vinyl release is "HOOTCHIE KOOTCHIE MAN" [sic], written by Willie Dixon.  The album credits say it was recorded at the American Recording Company in Studio City, California, however, the actual name of the studio was American Recorders - as we read in the book about The Wrecking Crew, who used that space frequently.  The background color of the original ABC LP cover was silver or "foil", in contrast to later (MCA Records) LP issues and the modern CD sleeve in which it is replaced by white.  The one above displays the imprint RCA Victor.  It is the only album by the band to have been released in both stereo and mono configurations.  The latter being a sought after collector's item.  The one I own is STEREOPHONIC.  My good pal Henry Diltz (well, as good as a pal who I've never met in person can be on Facebook) did the Photography.

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