Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rush - all the world IS a Rush stage, to my good friend Spencer...

Guest post - by my very good pal Spencer.  He wrote this to me the other day, "CAL: On Saturday I attended my ca. 35th Rush concert.  It seems like yesterday, that first one in January of 1978.  One would think by now weariness would set in, but Rush did one heckuva brave thing with this concert.  Most bands that have been around ca. 40 years would do a hit parade; instead they did almost no "hits."  They did 9 new songs and ca. 9 songs that they rarely ever play (along with some others they more often play and a few "hits")!  I made sure not to google the setlist before (though they vary it each night, it has mostly consistencies), so my experience of hearing songs I thought they would never again do was intense.  When songs such as "Grand Designs" popped up, I was immediately thrust back to when and where (an apartment in Bloomington, IN) I first got into that song and how it helped keep my vision toward my ecology career choice going, though attaining it was far from a sure thing.  What's more is that during such a song I suddenly flipped emotionally decades to the present, where I did succeed in that career choice and how much happiness it has brought me! Many such emotional rides occurred throughout the concert.  By playing few hits, they may no longer be playing the United Center; maybe they'll be playing Chicago Theater next time.  Some fans wanting only "hits" might not return.  I recall you and Nancy really like concerts at Chicago Theater, so that might really be a good thing!  Interestingly, Rush and CSO Music Director Riccardo Muti have something in common.  This week's opening subscription concerts for the CSO do not feature any blockbusters (opening series concerts usually do, seen as a way to get the tix sold and the season off with a bang!).  Muti must see something in the second (or lower) tier works he's chosen, as Rush did when not predominantly featuring hits!"

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