Saturday, October 6, 2012

Prince - Himself. His eponymous 2nd solo record...

Prince - Prince is the second studio album by Prince, released on October 19, 1979.  As you can see - I bought this as a cut-out record, from a discount bin.  It is a legacy copy record in my college.  Which means it pre-dates my quote-upquote hobby of "collecting" records.  To own them is to collect them.  I had it in college and Scott and I would argue that we were playing this record at parties years before his more mainstream double LP (smash) 1999 came out.   Many people would inquire.  We snuck into a show to see him in college on his Controversy or Dirty Mind your.

This album "was a quickly written album in reaction to his debut For You. It took seven weeks to complete. The album needed to have hits and sell well to make up for the blown budget on his first release. Worries were stifled with the success of the lead single "I Wanna Be Your Lover", which reached #1 on theR&B chart and nearly broke the top 10 on the pop chart.  "I Wanna Be Your Lover" opens the album, followed by the guitar-based rock and roll number "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" The minimalist disco funk number "Sexy Dancer" comes next, featuring a piano solo and screams by Prince. The pace is slowed down by the romantic, dreamy ballad, "When We're Dancing Close and Slow".  Side two opens with another ballad, "With You". The song was later given to protege Jill Jones for her eponymous 1987 album. "Bambi" follows, full of blazing electric guitar. Once again, the pace slows with the ballad "Still Waiting", stating Prince is not too young to know what love is. "I Feel for You" was notably later recorded by Chaka Khan, and helped revitalize her career. The album closes with a final ballad "It's Gonna Be Lonely".  Overall, Prince is more diverse, and was more well-received than For You, reaching #3 on the R&B charts, and reached gold status, but Prince's cult following did not begin until his next album, Dirty Mind.  Prince also toured as the opening act for Rick James in support of the album."

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