Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Hollies - Distant Light

The Hollies.  By (I think) Graham Nash had left the band, perhaps to meet up with Cass Elliott in Laurel Canyon so she could assemble CSNY - but that is just speculation.  Actually - their album called Butterfly Butterfly, the second studio album released by The Hollies in 1967 (7th in England overall) was the last new Hollies album to feature Graham Nash until 1983's What Goes Around.   But back to Distant Light.  It was recorded at AIR Studios London, Mid-Late Summer 1971.   Distant Light is the 1971 released album by The Hollies. It was the last UK album by the band to feature lead vocalist and founding member Allan Clarke, until their 1974 self-titled album. It is reputed to be the first album to come out of A.I.R. studios. The album spawned two hit singles. The Allan Clarke penned "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress," which peaked at U.S. #2 and UK #32, and the Tony Hicks penned "Long Dark Road" US #26.  The US released version of the album peaked at US #21. The summer scene that is shown on the cover is duplicated exactly on the next Hollies album Romany, as a winter scene. - So I think I need to add Romany to my wish list.

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