Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Who - Quadrophenia, and other hits

The Who are playing in concert near me and I was not even thinking of going until I got a call from a pal who said he had a deuce, at half price.  The concert is billed as Qaudrophenia and Other Hits.  So here is my copy of Quardopenia.  The cover looks to have had a corner chewed off.  But the rest of it is in good shape.  It likely came from a fifty cent bin.  5:15 is one of my all-time favorite songs.

From wiki, we learn that "Quadrophenia is the 6th studio album by English rock band The Who.  Released in October 1973 by Track and Polydor records in the United Kingdom, and Track and MCA in the US, it is a double album, and the group's second rock opera.  The story laid out involves social, musical, and psychological happenings from an English teenage perspective, set in London and Brighton in 1965.  The name is a variation on the popular usage of the medical diagnostic term schizophrenia as dissociative identity disorder, to reflect the four distinct personalities of Jimmy, the opera's protagonist – each said to represent the personality of one member of The Who. At the same time, the title is a play on the term quadraphonic sound, then a recent invention.  Composer Pete Townshend has said: "The whole conception of Quadrophenia was geared to quadraphonic, but in a creative sort of way.  I mean I wanted themes to sort of emerge from corners.  So you start to get the sense of the fourness being literally speaker for speaker."   I have 4 pairs of speakers in the Record Emporium - so not sure how this will sound since I have never played this record.


  1. The Movie "Quadrophenia" came out at the same time as their tragic stampede concert in Cincinnati. I attended the concert in Pittsburgh, the night before, which had all standing room on the floor (no seats at all) and reserved seating in the seating area. That was the most physically demanding concert I ever attended. In Cincinnati there was no reserved seating, so the stampede to get in must have been awful for everyone to say nothing of the 11 who died....

  2. This is my favorite Who album. Matter of fact this is also on my top ten list of albums.
    Quadrophenia songs I related more too than Tommy. Even now whenever I play it it never sounds old.
    I remember buying the album at the local record shop. I was short by a $1 and change so the 3 or 4 friends I came in w/ pitched in and helped me buy the album. It also came w/ a hugh booklet of b&w photos of the story. Not from the movie this was before they even did the movie. Also included lyrics and liner notes by Pete Townshend. Excellent album.


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