Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thompson Twins - Close to the Bone

The Thompson Twins has some shelf life for us in college.  They came to play in Normal and we say them.  You Take me Up  became an anthem for us as we packed up for the final exodus (read: trash the place) from college for all time and on to our quote unquote real lives.  I photo-stitched these photos of the front and back covers.  They were a British Wave pop group that formed in April 1977 and disbanded in May 1993.  They achieved considerable popularity in the mid 1980s, scoring a string of hits in the United Kingdom, the United States, and around the globe.  The band was named after the two bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson in Hergé's comic strip The Adventures of Tintin.[3] At various stages, the band had up to seven members though their best known incarnation was as a trio between 1982-86. They became a prominent act in the so-called Second British Invasion, and in 1985, the band performed at Live Aid where they were joined onstage by Madonna.

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