Saturday, January 5, 2013

Average White Band: AWB

This will be the first of two AWB posts.  I just scored another record of theirs, the one that features Ben E. King on vocals.  This one is called AWB.  I did not know they were from Scotland.  "AWB is the second studio album by the Scottish funk and soul band Average White Band, released in August 1974.  An enormous best-seller, AWB was the Average White Band's breakthrough record, stunning many listeners with its soul and funk coming from a Scottish band.  AWB topped Billboard's Pop Albums and Black Albums charts. Its million-selling single "Pick Up the Pieces" knocked Linda Ronstadt's classic "You're No Good" out of #1 on Billboard's Hot 100.  A 2004 expanded re-issue from Sony/Columbia in the UK includes a bonus CD with several demo session recordings made before the group joined Atlantic Records – taken from the so-called 'clover sessions."  This record was PRODUCED BY ARIF MARDEN.  And the great Jerry Wexler gets a thank you shout out on back cover.

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