Friday, January 4, 2013

Tavares: Supercharged - a great cover!

Tavares just seems to be a hip-ass band.  The front cover looks like a monster D dry cell battery.  In other news of the day.  There is a Reckless Records store four blocks from my office.  In less than 30 minutes, and for less than $20 USD, here is what I scored today on my lunch break:  Molly Hatchet - Beatin' the Odds (rounds out my collection).  Shalamar's Heartbreak.  Ave. White Band with Ben E. King - Benny and Us.  Frank Marino and (the confusingly named) Mahogany Rush - Tales of the Unexpected.   B.T. Express - Energy to Burn.  Brass Construction II (rounds out my collection).  The Dells vs. The Dramatics on the Cadet label (with awesome cover art!) will see those up here very soon.

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