Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bruce Hornsby and the Range: Scenes from the South Side

If you are making the effort to read this - first off: Thank You.  Next, please check out the Youtube clip I made of a song on this record, called The Old Playground.  You can find that video clip two ways from my blog.  1. Just copy this URL into your browser: http://tinyurl.com/b2dnjof  Or B. - go up to the title of this post and click anywhere on the words of the title: Bruce Hornsby and the Range: Scenes from the South Side.  I hope you enjoy this post and the video clip.  Any requests?...


  1. In the vinyl days, album cover/inner art often featured great nature shots as this one. Don't often see those kinds of shots anymore... On the theme of Hot Tuna, I gather Kaukonen and Casady are busy as ever and even have a guitar retreat in Ohio (furpeaceranch.com). From the HT website, "Here, on a sprawling and rustic yet modern campus, musicians and would-be musicians come for intensive and enjoyable workshops taught by Jorma, Jack, and other extraordinary players, learning things that range from different styles of playing to songwriting and even storytelling (the musician in performance has to say something while changing that broken string!), to making a song one’s own."

  2. I need to do my homework on Hot Tuna. Thanks for commenting, Spencer!...


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