Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Survivor: Premonition - Summer Nights

While the Jim Peterik World Stage is still fresh in my mind - I wanted to let you guys know about this record. Jim founded Survivor, while not ever disbanding The Ides of March. This Survivor record has a very catchy rock anthem (more like a ballad?) on it called Summer Nights.  It has a slower tempo, great lyrics, and it starts with a blazing guitar solo.  In fact - when you hear I bet you will think it is a Journey song.  Not that Survivor was trying to be that band.  But in that era - many bands and songs we lopped into that pop or arena rock genre.  The bridge in that song is great.  One of Jim's major talents is song-writing.  And specifically, how he so elegantly crafts what is called the bridge.  The purpose of a bridge in a song is to relieve the listener from the song structure and to release the song temporarily - usually past the half-way mark of the song, from the melody (chorus and later verses).  You can also tell the bridge is an a slightly different key, which also adds some necessary tension.  You can listen to that song here:

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