Thursday, January 31, 2013

Derek and the Dominos: In Concert

Can I even post this record?  I'm not worthy.  It rotates between 1st and 2nd on my list of the Top Five Double Live Albums of All Time.  I almost hate to post this album - I just revere it so much, since I try not to repeat albums here.  It is a touchstone record for me.  I was so utterly mesmerized by it.  I bought my first copy of it in the cut-out bins at EJ Korvette's in North Riverside IL.  Let is Rain, here live. is a master work.  And Got to Get Better in a Little While is funky blues. Try a version of that song Eric just did for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert:

Most people have seen the front cover photo - but unfolded, we can now see the three great photos of Eric, bathed in the warm glow of red-tinged spotlights at the Fillmore East - where this famous DLA was made. Across from left to right are: Carl Radle, perhaps his favorite-ever bass player.  Bobby Whitlock on keyboards, and many song-writing credits.  Bobby still gigs Sunday nights in Austin.  Next - Himself.  And the tragic, talented, and ubiquitous drummer Jim Gordon.


  1. You periodically refer to college days... many a college dorm room party of ours wound down with this version of "Let it Rain". What a feel. I wonder how many such college room parties nowadays have the same level of musical inspiration.....

  2. One's college period was a time of musical exploration of varying and competing tastes. We had small town farm boys rocking to Kansas. Upper Middle class suburbanites who bought into the post glam coolness of Bowie. Whereas high school was mostly - what was on the radio. But college is where you showed off your taste visa vie your investment: your record collection.


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