Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eric Clapton: Backless

Eric Clapton: Backless. This was his solo follow-up to the smash LP Slowhand.  So much of his affinity for the Tulsa sound is apparent here. He has mostly keep his post Dominos group of musicians intact here.  The outlier album in that series is/was No Reason to Cry - where he used a with-Dylan version of The Band.   But here we see most of the greats that he so enjoyed working with during this 12-15 year period.  They are:  Dickie Sims: keyboards; Marcy Levy: vocals; George Terry: guitar; Carl Radle: bass guitar, vocals; Jamie Oldaker: drums, percussion, vocals.  Plus Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle: backing vocals on "Golden Ring."   Backless is the sixth studio album by blues rocker Eric Clapton, released in 1978.  The album reached #8 on the pop charts.  While the single "Promises" only reached #37 in the UK, it was a much bigger success in the US, reaching #9 on the Billboard charts.  The blue and white scarf worn by Clapton on the album sleeve is believed to be a scarf of West Bromwich Albion Football Club.  Clapton is widely believed to be supporter of that club, despite being born in Ripley, Surrey more than 100 miles away, though in recent years has reportedly been more interested in Chelsea F.C.  Per wiki.  The song Tell me that You Love Me - is featured on the click-through post title.

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