Monday, January 21, 2013

Rough Mix: Pete Townshen/Ronnie Lane

The first track on side one is called My Baby Gives it Away.  What a gem of a song that is.  This one off record by these two guys is not exactly what Pete was known for during his side projects away from The Who.  In his book that I am reading - he laments that he was never really a collaborative song-writer.  He was solitary in that aspect.  Pete's solo albums are superb.  In fact there was borching by his bandmates that he was putting out some of his better songs on his solo albums like Empty Glass or All the Best Cowboys, or White City - rather than bringing those songs to the band for Who albums.

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  1. Curtis this is a real gem of collector's item if you check cost on amazon. A masterpiece of a record from start to finish. Jack Frost- Pawtucket Rhode Island


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