Friday, January 25, 2013

Rickie Lee Jones: Pirates

To me - one of the best albums of the decade (the eighties).  And also one of the best-ever sophomore (2nd albums) efforts of all time.   Pirates came out during my sophomore year in college.  Larry bought it first and played it seemingly all of the time.  It grew on me and today - I still think it ranks pretty high.  It is on my Five Favorite Albums During College List.  Those five are: Dire Straights - Making Movies.  This one.  Roxy Music's Flesh + Blood.  Abacab - by Genesis.  And - perhaps Freeze Fame by the J. Geils Band.  Or Stevie Ray Vaughn's first album.  It is hard to read here in the photo above but the back cover shows the lyrics of the songs - and also who played on this record.  She uses essentially all or most of the members of Steely Dan as her band - among a few others.    I guess that's why it sounds so tight.

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  1. Wow Curtis,interesting you posted this as I have been listening to this lately and thinking same thing.I remember buying this when it came out and raving about how good it was to anyone that would listen.Truly a masterpiece of music and lyrics.After buying the digital version was somewhat disappointed in the sound,the analog is better,the drums and bass much fuller and richer.Lucky Guy was written about her relationship with Tom Waits,in case you didn't know.Thanks Curtis!


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