Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Charlie Daniels Band: Saddle Tramp

What a great photo this is of the inside cover of this album.  This is Charlie Daniels and his Band of Brothers.  A real posse.  He is a true American icon and hero.  He plays overseas for our troops and although some of his more recent songs are not quite PC - he's a legend.  His album called Simple Man has songs on it titled (What This World Needs is) A Few More Rednecks and the title track of that album, Simple Man - that seems to promote vigilantism.  But this record is called Saddle Tramp.  Most of the songs on this album are more of the traditional Southern Rock genre.  Charles has offers songs here about trains (Cumberland Mountain Number Nine), prison (Wichita Jail), and towns (Sweetwater, Texas).  My favorite song of his is callled Trudy.  Click on this post's title for that.

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