Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rufus featuring Chaka Khan: Ask Rufus...

Rufus featuring Chaka Khan looms large in my collection, at 10-12 combined LP's - and counting.

     Here is an entry on Wiki regarding their final years together:  In 2001, Rufus (Kevin Murphy, Tony Maiden, Bobby Watson, Dave Wolinski and J.R. Robinson) and Chaka Khan reunited for a brief tour, which Khan described in her autobiography,Chaka! Through the Fire (co-written with Tonya Bolden), in 2003. Khan and Maiden reunited on the modernized Rufus medley, "Pack'd My Bags"/ "You Got the Love", on Khan's double Grammy Award-winning 2007 album, Funk This.  When discussing another potential reunion with Rufus during a 2008 interview with Billboard, Khan said the band's classic lineup (which includes Andre Fischer and Nate Morgan) had no plans on reuniting, with Khan stating that touring with Tony Maiden, one of the few Rufus band mates Khan kept a close friendship with, was the closest to another Rufus reunion.  A lineup of Rufus including Bobby Watson and J.R. Robinson and Khan's daughter Milini started a short tour in 2008.  Neither founding member Kevin Murphy, mainstay Tony Maiden nor Dave Wolinski participated in this tour.  In September 2011, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame committee announced that the band and Khan were jointly nominated for induction to the 27th annual class.  They had been eligible since 1999 (with the committee counting the band's first album as Rags to Rufus rather than 1973's Rufus).  It was their first year of nomination. Earlier in the year, Khan received a solo star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  

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