Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Oak Arkansas: their almost DLA...

Really guys - you make a live album of only one record.  There should be a law: if you are going to make a life album - it must be a DLA.  That is the purest format of that type of release.  Especially in this era - the seventies, known for the greatest DLA's of all time.  This is the inside cover photo of their SLA: Raunch 'N' Roll Live (Atco, March, 1973) US No. 90.  This one had only 7 songs on it: Gettin' Kinda Cocky, When Electricity Came To Arkansas, Gigolo, Hot Rod, Mutants of the Monster, Hot and Nasty, and Up.  Then foolishly - they release yet another live album and again - it's a single - that one was title Live! Mutha.  And it had 9 songs.   Their sophomoric theme song  Jim Dandy, Fancy Nancy, Lord Have Mercy On My Soul, Cryin' Shame, Fever In My Mind, Hey Ya'll, Rebel, Taxman, and an encore of Hot And Nasty.  See above.

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