Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Triumph: Thunder Seven, almost 20 year later became a Gold record

Thunder Seven.  Cool artwork.  da Vinci meets Alien.  "Thunder Seven is an album by the Canadian Heavy Metal band Triumph, (I would correct wiki on this.   Triumph is certainly NOT a heavy metal band.  Neither is Def Leppard.  Metalica yes.  But certainly not Triumph.  Triumph would be closer to Christian Rock without the heavy message.  Their songs are melodic, in easy to listen too major keys, with always positive-message and uplifting lyrics.  Not exactly HM.  But I digress...) released in November 1984.  It was the band's seventh (duh!) studio album. The second half of the album follows a concept based on various time-related themes.  The album was certified gold in the US by the RIAA, with sales of over 500,000 copies, on April 21, 2003, almost nineteen years after its initial release.  (I wonder if that is some sort of record?).  "Follow Your Heart" was the band's highest charting single of the time, reaching #88 in both the UK and the US. "Spellbound" was also released as a single, though it didn't prove as successful, only charting in Canada (duh) and barely scraping the top 100.   Thunder Seven was the last Triumph album that did not feature any outside writers.  All prior Triumph albums, with the exception of 1977's Rock and Roll Machine, were written entirely by the band members."   I think also that this was the band's last release before going exclusively to the compact disk format.  "The album cover was illustrated by artist Dean Motter and was (is) a mechanized version of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci.  The cover is a visible element of the album's concept, in which the band examines the actions and abnormalities of man at the turn of the 21st century.

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