Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jim Peterik - One of America's Great Singer/Songwriters

Jim Peterik has more talent than most casual rock and roll fans might think or guess.  He (literally) wrote the book on how to write FM radio-friendly rock and roll anthems.  He did write that book!  Besides his early career as founder of the Ides of March (Vehicle), and then in the early '80's with Survivor.  He co-wrote Eye of the Tiger for the Rocky III movie.  So many of the great songs we all hear often, but don't know who wrote.  If you guess Jim Peterik, you'd be write more often than not.  Most (all?) of the .38 Special hits, like Hold on Loosely, Fantasy Girl, Rockin into the Night, and So Caught up in You.  Unlike many pop song-singers, Jim hits to all fields: he writes the songs, plays both guitar and keyboards, and sings.  Jim wrote Heavy Metal for Sammy Hagar.  Check out Jim doing it accoustic on a youtube clip, just click on the post title above.  Why is Jim not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  Jim signed my copy of Premonition (above) where we saw him play this past Saturday night.  He took my request and play a short version of Rebel Girl

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