Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Loggins & Messina - Native Sons

Loggins & Messina - Native Sons.  This is the duo's 6th, out of a string of seven studio albums, that ran from 1971 to generally 1977.  Without really trying, I know have accumulated what I think is the entire canon of this duo's music on vinyl.  Their stuff really holds up well and it grows on me.  What I find myself playing is their fine DLA (double live album), titled On Stage.  I know they have these excellent soft pop accoustic ballads like House at Pooh Corner, and Danny's Song - that have a Jimmy Buffett or Harry Chapin tone, or maybe the other way around.  But what I am really digging about Loggins & Messina is what they do live on their longer songs.  Angry Eyes is my May and June 2011 favorite song.  Try also the live version of Vahevala, at 20-plus minutes on the entire side three.  We know Jim was in Buffalo Springfield and also Poco.  Their 1975 release called So Fine is a compliation of all covers songs.  I think I own that one too.

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