Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Johnny Mathis: Heavenly, with halo - how apropos..

Talk about prolific.  I could fill one entire "milk crate" (40-50 LPs) with Johnny Mathis albums.  I have over This one was given to me by a neighbor - so it's in the collection.  For now.  And - he does have what I think is one of the all-time best Christmas LP's ever made.  Called aptly, I think, just Merry Christmas - and that came out in like 1958.  This one is called Heavenly - the tenth album he released (out of a string of perhaps more than 60!).  It is the eighth original studio album recorded by him (two hit singles compilations Johnny's Greatest Hits and More Johnny's Greatest Hits were among his album releases to this point).  I love the nice wear marks on this one.  I sort of invent a name for those - halos.   This is on the red Columbia label, and in the book we are reading on Clive Davis, who was president of Columbia Records from 1967 to 1973.  Clive certainly did not "sign" Mathis to Big Red, but I am sure we will read about Johnny soon.

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